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We are pleased to be able to offer you a professional disc repair service using the Venmill hybird  2.0 industrial repair machine we have been using this technology for years so we are very experienced  in the repair of discs on all formats.

What we can repair or restore  :

SONY – PS1 – PS2 -PS3 -PS4

Microsoft- Xbox original- xbox 360- xbox one

Nintendo – Wii -Gamecube – Wii U

Sega- Mega cd – Saturn – Dreamcast

Cds-  Dvds – Blue  rays- Pc

Discs we cannot repair would have the following issues:

Deep scratches  * Dents * Cracked discs * Warping * Chips on disc * Disc rot* Foil damage on label side* Layer separation.

So what would you expect a disc repaired to look like?

Depending on the level of repair needed it would likely  come back free of finger marks and dirt and mostly with a mirrored finish however some scratches or marks  may not be fully removed visible to the  eye as this would require use of a sanding machine which takes many layers off the disc reducing its life spam we do not use a sanding machine but the polish used will remove most scratches which is what the machine is designed to do  and more importantly get the disc back to a working condition.There will not be any polish residue left on the disc and we will repair it to its best standard on every disc with the machine available we have no time limit per disc it will just be repaired to its best quality as you would expect from a professional service.


Blue ray, Wii u, xbox one, ps4 ,ps3  repairs on these formats are harder to do as the data on the disc lies closer to the surface  deep scratches are unlikely to be successfully removed.

Terms of disc repair:

Whilst every effort is made to repair and fix discs we cannot guarantee it to be successful on every disc and purchasing this service requires you to accept the chance this may not be successful and its the chance you take.

Return of discs:

Each disc will be supplied back in a  sleeve to avoid any finger prints or damage in transit each package will be sent back tracked for peace of mind this has been built into the price, turn around time can vary but we will get it done as soon as possible.


How to send your discs :

If you have reached  this far you may be considering using our service heres what your need you do to buy this service select how many discs you want to repair at checkout and pay for the service,  discounts given at checkout depending on the quantity selected. Your need to post the discs to us this is your responsibility to use a service you trust we will not be held responsible for missing incoming packages, we advise you use a tracked service or use evri postable the cheapest tracked service we have found. Please only send disc only and not cases original packaging may not be returned so just wrap well with a note with your ebay user name and disc titles you included  inside the parcel to ensure no mix ups with other orders.

After payment:

Once the order has been paid we will message you with the shipping address so you can start the process of shipping if you have any questions after your order has been placed we will answer them on a daily basis.

Questions :

Did we miss anything?  are you unsure of anything ?  or just need some advice we are here  to help out just message us with your questions.


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